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How to Figure Out Which is the Right Website for the Guest Posting?

Guest Posting

When it’s all about getting quality backlinks for a website, guest posting is something that uses to draw attention of the experts at the first instance. This also helps to generate referral traffics, brand awareness and can assist in a great way to share the expertise you have. Guest-blog posting is in demand, as this brings a wide range of benefits which ultimately influence the success and growth of your website. But before you do this, first of all you need to figure out the right websites on which you can do guest posting. So how you can pick these sites? In this piece of writing, you will know how to do this work easily. Finding the most suitable websites for guest posting or guest blogging can be easier for you after you read this guide. It will also help you to do guest posting easily and quickly.

Choose Websites for Guest Posting from the Niche You Deal With:

Picking the right site to submit the guest posting is always vital. It’s the donor site which will influence future of your website. So you need to do this from the very beginning. Search the sites from the niche you deal with and this is important. The prime reason why guest posting is done is to get quality backlinks. In order to evaluate the backlinks, search engines use their own mechanism which is also called as algorithm. When you get backlinks for your site form relevant websites, this shows to the search engines you are referring to a particular niche. This also helps to develop authority in that niche.

With that being said, you should target those blogs for guest posting that deal in the same niche you deal with. For example, if you are selling sports equipment and goods, then aim for sport bloggers, sports periodicals or the sportsmen. Sometime working with the related or close industries can also work.

Keep Track of The Main Metrics:

If you really want to be at the top, then you must work with the most influential bloggers and websites. As per the statistics, there are near about sixty percent companies that use to write at least one to four or five guest postings in a month. Here, you have to ensure that your articles appear only on the quality guest posting websites. For this, you have to look for the metrics. So what are the metrics that you must look for? When you are trying to figure out those sites, you can consider three vital metrics such as the span score of the sites, domain rating and the domain authority.

The prime factor that uses to develop these metrics is the unique and quality backlinks and how relative they are. The site you trace with enhanced domain authority is the site that has a very diversified backlink profile. These sites use to have stunning contents which are already trusted by so many readers. Spam score and domain authority are also the things that you need to pay importance to while trying to select the best sites for guest blogging. When you post content on these sites and get the backlinks, there is always a chance for you to uplift the metrics of your own site.

Keep Track of the Monthly Traffic:

Getting backlinks is not the sole objective behind guest posting. With guest blogging, opportunities are already wider. The fact is you can even receive 174% extension of the targeted audiences as well as sheer growth with the brand awareness with this tactic. Now you will also like to ensure that maximum number of people see the guest postings that you have submitted. It’s the monthly traffic that plays a major role here. It shows you how popular the donor website is. This is surely a vital metric.

You have picked those sites which use to receive the monthly visits around 1000. Well, the bigger this score is, the better results you are going to receive. Sometime you may need to pay so that those guest articles can get the right placement in the right site. 

There are also some tools that you can use to check the organic traffic for those sites such as Ahrefs, Smililar Web, Serpstat, Ubersuggest, etc.

See the Social-Media following:

Social media brings the right kind of platform to obtain more and more referral traffic. So when you are picking the sites for guest blogging, always check that what sort of Social-Media following they have. Those sites must have the social-media sharing buttons. You also need to check out the numbers of followers these sites have as well as how active such audience is. (High-Quality Link Building Service in Canada)

This might not be the main metric, but it can help to bring the right kind of exposure for your website as well as can involve those people who think the services you offer are not for them. This happens when your selected sites’ followers share your posts on their own social-media accounts. This is how the audiences of the followers are also going to know about your company or business.


With the help of guest posting or guest blogging, you can easily enhance the referral and organic traffic for your site to 80%. Guest posting also helps to acquire five times more quality backlinks. This is probably the best tactic you can take help of to develop and grow your website. When you are selecting the sites for guest posting, you must remain very picky. For better results, you can also take help of the top guest blogging agency and can get those suitable sites for guest posting easily.

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