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How to Make Your Website More Engaging?

Website More Engaging

Website More Engaging – It’s the internet that has managed to reach for so many portions of this globe. People across the globe are using the internet these days. Even at some remote locations, people have access to the internet. More than 63.1% of the total population in this world uses internet. And the fact is some of these internet users can also visit your website. So, how you think you can push them hard to spend more time on your web pages and get engaged with your site? Have you ever thought from this perspective?

As per the internet users, they prefer to spend time on different sites in case these three elements are enhanced with a site. Convenience 55%, quality 80% and price 81% should be there with a site so that it can be considered as the most engaging web portal. Well, we are not here to mention you what price you must establish. We are here to talk about the convenience and quality of your website. There are certain elements which must be there with your website so that it can improve the customer interaction as well as can become more engaging one. Before we start this, we surely hope you have perfect idea about your targeted audience. Without this basis, it can be tough to move forward with this topic! In order to know your targeted audiences in a better way, you have to make the buyer’s persona.

Improve the loading speed of your website:

The attention span of the users is just eight seconds. This is becoming lesser with time. These days, users don’t prefer to spend much time on the site until and unless it loads quickly and comes up with informative details. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that the site loading speed on the mobile phones must be within three seconds, otherwise 53% of the users will leave seeing it. And this leads the way for a more vital conclusion and that is your site must load very fast. If you don’t want to lose customers, then you have to do it for your site. This is also going to affect the site’s ranking positively. For this you can take help of certain tips that will optimize the site loading speed. (Buy Backlinks Australia)

  • Attentively select the hosting service provider. Free hosting services can affect the loading speed badly. 
  • Image optimization is always needed. Images surely provide enhanced UX. However, they can contribute a lot for slow loading of the website. Therefore, never forget compressing the images.
  • Cache the web pages. When you have copies for the files of your site, it’s the server that will have less activities or work to do and that surely speeds up the website’s loading speed.
  • Minify the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Avoid unnecessary comments, characters, spaces as well as odd elements. This will reduce the file’s size and your website will load quickly.

Optimize the Website for Mobile:

For just any webmaster out there, it has become very important these days. As more and more numbers of interest users prefer these days to access the websites on their mobile phones, by optimizing your website for the mobile, you can have better and enhanced chance to generate more customers. As per a report, more than 60% of the interest browsing is done through the mobile devices these days. 

That’s the reason why, first Google shifted to the Mobile-First Indexing during the year 2019. For the ranking in SERP, optimizing your website for the mobile devices is also important. This surely generates great users’ interaction. While trying to do this, never forget to refer to the Mobile-Indexing guidelines given by Google. 

There are certain things that you can do now for the technical enhancements of your website and that will positively impact the overall user experience with your site.

Fine-Tune Navigation is Essential:

If the site is tough to navigate through, then 95% of the internet users will leave it. There are several websites on which people simply don’t like to waste the time. These are the poorly developed websites. People don’t even like to visit them. We must advice you here not to go for that complicated web design that people feel as sick and dull. Instead, keep everything on your website simple, convenient, clear as well as easy-to-reach for. As per Steve Jobs, “Simplicity is Ultimate Sophistication”. Follow this for your website and you will soon see better results.

Think About Smart Interlinking for The Website:

Website More Engaging– Near about 67% customers prefer going for the self service when they are speaking or interacting with the company representatives. This need can be satisfied once you are able to provide the smart interlinking for the website. In order to do this, you have to pitch perfectly. And for this, first you need to better know who your audiences are. While doing this, you also need to consider the personal preference of the customers which is very important.

Search Option Must be There:

In order to improve the interaction on your site, you must provide or assign the search box! If you are still thinking that having everything right there on the menu box will be ample, then think again! You might be risking losing the customers. Instead, pick a visible spot on the site and add the search box over there. This is how you can provide easy access to the visitors or the potential customers on your site. When someone searches for a particular product, he or she can use that search box to easily reach for their product on your site. This is how you can deliver them a perfect user experience.


In order to increase the website more Engaging and customer engagement on your website, now you can follow different approaches. Surely the very first and foremost thing that you need to determine is that who your customers are. Knowing your targeted audience is always important and this can bring immense success for you. Once you know them, you can deliver them what they need and it will become easier for you to meet their expectations.

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